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Tailwheel Rating

Tailwheel Training


Often the first rating a new pilot will undertake after completing their PPL, the tailwheel rating takes approximately 5 hours of instruction. This will also qualify the pilot in the differences training required to fly tailwheel aircraft.  The course is completed by Dave Jelly or Blake Thomas in the Citabria at Kemble, you’ll learn how to handle a tailwheel aircraft on the ground, and in the air.


Tailwheel flying whilst is not difficult takes most people a while to master the take off and landings.  There are some different techniques like moving the control stick forward on the take off roll which at first seems counterintuitive.  Once these new skills have been mastered all there is to think about is keeping the balance ball in the centre during flight.  What has always seemed very simple in the average training aircraft suddenly becomes a whole art itself.  Once you're able to keep the balance ball in the centre and your take off and landings are consistently good you will be ready for your first solo flight.


The Citabria has been a popular addition to the Freedom fleet since joining in 2014, so much so we bought another one in 2016, so now have two available for both tailwheel and aerobatics. Once your training is complete, you’ll be able to rent the Citabria for solo flying at £145/hr.  Why not add an aerobatics rating? Then you’ll really be able to take your friends for a ride!