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Flying Instructor Courses

Flying Instructor Courses

Flight Instructor Course (FIC)


The Flight Instructor Course will take approximately four to five weeks (full time) or can be completed on a part time basis.  The course is split into 30 hours of flight training and 125 hours of groundschool. 


There is a maximum of two students to an instructor at all times. FIC training is conducted at either of our bases, Kemble or Oaksey Park and can be schedule on a full-time or part-time basis.


Course Requirements:


a) Hold at least a CPL or have completed at least 200 hours flight time of which 150 hours as PIC if holding a PPL.

b) Have met all of the CPL or ATPL knowledge requirements as listed by JAR FCL.

c) Minimum of 30 hours flight time on a SEP aircraft with a minimum of 6 hours in the six months preceding the pre-entry flight test.

d) 20 hours cross-country flight time as PIC including a flight of at least 300nm (which must have included at least two full stop landings at two aerodromes other than where you started).



Class Rating Instructor Course (CRI)


The Class Rating Instructor Course enables a PPL holder with more than 300 hours to do type conversions, check flights and refresher training including the one hour dual training for the SEP rating.


Pilots wishing to give instruction in single engine aircraft will be required to have the following:

a) A current aircraft rating to act as PIC of the aircraft on which instruction is to be carried out

b) Flown at least 300 hours flight time as pilot of aircraft

c) Flown at least 30 hours of flight time on the applicable type of class of aircraft

d) Completed an approved course of training and passed a skill test

The training for the CRI course is 30 hours ground instruction where the student instructor will practise giving ground lectures and will be integrated with the flight training.


There is a minimum of 3 hours flight instruction in an aircraft. 


Contact info@freedomaviation.co.uk or 07973 322698 to check availability for both courses or for more information.  


For the price of each course please go to the Prices page below.