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PPL Theoretical Knowledge Exam

PPL Theoretical Knowledge Exam EASA Transition Simplified

HE new ground exams started on 1st September 2013.


The old exams may no longer be used by anyone.


Changes from the old exams to the new exams:


The Air Law and Operational Procedures Exam has been separated to make 2 exams one for Air Law and another for Operational Procedures.


The Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight Exam has been separated to make 2 exams, one for Aircraft General Knowledge and another for Principles of Flight.


All the exams must be completed in a maximum of 6 sittings.


Definition of a sitting:


Exams taken over a continuous period of 10 days are considered to be in the same sitting unless:


If an exam is resat which was originally taken during a current sitting, this will count as the end of the current sitting, even if 10 days have not passed.


Sittings do not start counting up until 1st September 2013.


Exams taken before 1st September will count toward issue of Part-FCL Licence, with one exception, both Flight Performance and Planning and Navigation Exams must be complete to count for the Flight Performance and Planning and Navigation Exams. If only one has been passed, it will not count and will have to be retaken.


All exams must be completed within 18 months counted from the end of the calendar month when the first exam was taken.