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Hour Building

Hour Building with Freedom Aviation at Cotswold Airport 


Mentored hour building with Freedom is something that has led many pilots to a first time pass on CPL and IR Skill Tests for many years.  The highly experienced team at Freedom can work with pilots progressing towards commercial licences by designing a package which suits their needs and is guaranteed to be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.  


Hour building packages can be as long or as short as you want, however, a typical three day trip starts from Kemble with a short flight to the Channel Islands before setting course north for the Scottish Highlands and Islands. During these trips progressive pilots can look forward to landing at busy international airports as well as small island strips in areas so remote few people have ever heard of them.  


Last year we organised hour building trips with a number of aircraft to the Islay as well as some of the more remote parts of the Higlands and Islands, France, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia and Corsica.


The experiences gained on these mentored hour building packages can significantly broaden pilot's flying horizons.  The challenges faced along the way will involve crew resource management, forward planning and risk analysis on an hour by hour basis.


Over the years Freedom have developed many contacts with hotels and airfields around the UK and Europe, and we can often keep prices lower than the usual published fees.


Consolidated general handling packages can be designed to ensure that a pilot undertaking a CPL or IR is fully prepared.  


If you are new to European flying Freedom can help with all flight planning, GAR forms and flying procedures in Europe.