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Cotswold Airport

Cotswold Airport (formerly Kemble Airfield), is a private airport located near the village of Kemble. It is used for a variety of aviation purposes including aircraft storage and dismantling, flying training, flying clubs, private aviation, aircraft maintenance, air shows and as a base for historic aircraft.


It is also used for a range of non-aviation activities including film and TV shoots, corporate events, Formula 1 car testing and industrial use.


Click here for the Kemble Out of Hours Indemnity Form.



Cotswold Airport Website

Oaksey Park Airfield

Oaksey Park is an unlicensed, grass airfield operated by Austen Associates, and is PPR by phone to the airfield manager.


The airfield is situated approximately 3NM SE of Kemble, just outside the Kemble ATZ.


No circuit flying is permitted because of local noise sensitive areas, except as dictated by the requirements of good airmanship.


An AGCS is established on frequency 132.225, although this is not always manned.


Oaksey Park Airfield Website

Freedom Aviation
at Cotswold Airport

Freedom Aviation
at Oaksey Park Airfield