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/files/pages/aircraft-pages-animation/G-VICC-960x310/VICC and ELUE on the pan Woodside July 2016.jpg
/files/pages/aircraft-pages-animation/G-VICC and ELUE Formation 960x310.jpg


Aircraft Details

G-VICC is the longest running aircraft with Freedom Aviation which we bought from Turweston in 2007.


G-VICC is IFR capable and was the first aircraft in the fleet to have leather seats fitted.  G-VICC was re-painted in 2016. Some of our members will be sad to to see the famous pistachio green go, but we had to move out of the 70's so G-VICC has the same paint scheme design as G-ELUE but in dark metallic green.


G-VICC Weight and Balance Calculator

Aircraft Avionics

Garmin G5 Primary Flight Display (Manual Click Here)

Garmin G5 Horizontal Situation Indicator (Manual Click Here)

Garmin GTN650 Nav/Com/GPS

Garmin GNC255 Nav/Com

Garmin GTX330 Mode S Transponder

Garmin GMA345 Audio Control Panel

King KN64 DME


S-TEC Autopilot with heading and altitude hold

Piper Warrior II PA28-161

G-VICC March 2014
G-VICC Panel