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Aircraft Details

Have you ever wondered what taking part in The Red Bull Air Race would feel like? Well now’s your chance ….


Although Freedom Aviation do not own this aircraft, the owner of G-COXI allows us to offer XA42 Experience Flights where you’ll do 0-60kts in 4secs, climb at 3000ft/min with the smoke on, reach a max of 200kts, hit 5G, perform some high-speed advanced aerobatics and return for a ‘run and break’. Whilst not quite as intense as a Red Bull Air Race routine, it’s as close as you can get without actually entering the competition.


The XA42 is a high performance, unlimited aerobatic, competition aircraft. Boasting a 315hp engine in an airframe that weighs only 610kg, who would expect anything else?


Experiences start at £245 for Freedom Aviation members and £295 for non-members.


Are you up for the race?

Aircraft Statistics

Engine:  Lycoming AEIO 580 B1A - 315hp


Roll rate:  450o/sec


Rate of climb:  3200ft/min


VS0:  53kts


VNE:  225kts


Empty Weight:  610kg


Max aerobatic load: +/-10G


XtremeAir XA42

G-COXI Climbing Courtesy of Graham Wasey