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Based in the Cotswolds, Freedom Aviation is the perfect place for you to learn to fly, or continue your flying adventures if you already have a Private Pilot's Licence.


Founded in 2006 by Sarah and Dave with one aircraft, Freedom has grown to a successful school and flying club with well-equipped Piper Warriors, two Citabria's for tailwheel and aerobatics training and a XA42 for thrill seekers and high-performance aerobatics. 


Membership is growing rapidly as word gets around about our excellent instructional standards, great social scene and our friendly relaxed atmosphere. 


In addition to flying training we also specialise in mentored hour building and have regular flying adventures.  To date places visited: Channel Islands, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Norway and Sweden, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, , Austria and Romania. These trips are open to all Freedom members, both qualified pilots and those undergoing training.  If  you would prefer to tailor a flying adventure to where you would like to go we can fit in with your schedule and requirements.


In 2019 Freedom's Head of Training, Dave Jelly led another exciting summer flying adventure to St Petersburg in Russia, flying from Kemble to Scotland, across the North Sea to Bergen, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France and back to Kemble. Early planning has already started for the 2020 Freedom summer flying adventure.  If you are interested in coming on this trip please do get in touch. 


We have conducted many hour building trips to the Highlands and Islands as well as Europe in 2019, if you are interested in joining one of these later this year or next year please do get in contact. If we haven't got one planned we can tailor one for you or you can join one already organised.


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