Take to the skies and experience true Freedom

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Freedom Aviation is proud to offer some of the best value flying in the South of England. Below we have tried to give you a rough idea of the costs involved in learning to fly. Remember that not all students will complete the course in the minimum hours. You’ll also need to factor in landing fees (approx. £150 for a PPL) and that all important bacon sandwich and cake!


Minimum hours requirements are as follows:


EASA PPL Course - 

EASA LAPL Course - 

IR(R) Course - 

Night Rating - 

Tailwheel Training - 

Aerobatics Course - 

Safety Pilot Course - 

Trial Flying Lesson -

Flying Instructor Course (Flying) - 

Flying Instructor Course (Groundschool) - 

Class Rating Instructor Course (Flying) -

Class Rating Instructor Course (Groundschool) - 



45 hours

30 hours

15 hours

5 hours

5 hours

5 hours

7 hours

1 hour

30 hours

125 hours

3 hours

30 hours




Costs - 2017


PA28 and Citabria hire:  £135 per hour (includes one landing at home base)

XA42 Experience Flights:  £245 for Freedom members (£295 for non-members)

Trial flights in PA28: £170 or Citabria: £175 for one hour


Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) training is conducted in the Piper Warriors.


Touch and Go’s:  £5 each 

PPL/LAPL Instructor:  £35 per hour

Examiner/Instructor, Dave Jelly: £40 per hour

Tailwheel/Aerobatics Instructor: £40 per hour (minimum of £40)

IR(R) Instructor:  £40 per hour

Examiner Initial Skill Test:  £175 

Examiner IR(R)/Flying Instructor AOC or SEP Renewal/Revalidation:  £125 

Aero Medical Check Flights: £50 per hour


Night Rating:  £1050

Includes 5hrs aircraft hire, instruction and all landings including 5 full stops.


Flying Instructor Course: £8,800

Class Rating Instructor Course: £1,600


Ground School:  £50 per day

PPL/LAPL Exams:  £25 each

Ground School inc exam at the end of the day: £75 per day


PPL Pack: £310 includes flight bag, Pooley's PPL books 1-7, Pooley's Flight Guide, CRP5 flight computer, kneeboard, plotter, ruler, protractor, pens and Freedom Aviation log book


Membership:  £70 per year (Our membership year ALWAYS runs in line with the release of the CAA Southern England chart)


Membership includes a free CAA Chart and Freedom merchandise, members can collect their Memberships packs from the 2nd March 2017 onwards.


Aircraft consultancy: £50 an hour